America demands Russia to stop the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The US asked Russia for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

According to the international news agency, the first meeting between the American and Russian foreign ministers took place after the Ukraine war.

America demands Russia to stop the ongoing war in Ukraine
America demands Russia stop the ongoing war in Ukraine

A long discussion took place between the two leaders.

After meeting with the Russian counterpart, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said during a media briefing that he has asked the Russian Foreign Minister to end the war in Ukraine. It has also demanded a review of the suspension of the New Start agreement.

Antony Blanken said that as long as he will defend Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Pentagon spokesman says that the US is not providing Ukraine with secret information about targets inside Russia.

A Pentagon spokesman says the idea of providing information on target locations inside Russia is ludicrous. We are not at war with Russia, nor do we want war with Russia.

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