“Corona 19, highly likely to leak from Chinese lab..?

The US Department of Energy has changed its stance on the origins of COVID-19. Initially, the position was that the origin was unclear, but it turned to the position that it was highly likely to have been leaked from a Chinese research institute.

"Corona 19, highly likely to leak from Chinese lab..?
“Corona 19, highly likely to leak from Chinese lab..?

the U.S. Department of Energy recently submitted a classified intelligence report containing this to key figures in the White House and Congress.

However, the reason why it was determined that the Corona 19 virus was not transmitted to humans through wild animals and leaked from a laboratory was not disclosed.

Since the Department of Energy, which is in charge of nuclear technology research, has jurisdiction over various national research institutes in the United States, including the field of biology, it is evaluated as having considerable authority in terms of scientific analysis, and attention is focused on this changed position.

 Since the outbreak of Corona 19, the National Intelligence Service (DNI), which oversees intelligence agencies in the United States, has compiled each agency’s analysis of the origin of the virus.

 Previously, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), like the Department of Energy, concluded that the origin of the virus was a laboratory in China, but it is known that the reasons why the FBI and the Department of Energy judged the laboratory leak to be different.

While the FBI has moderate confidence in its conclusions, people who have read the report say the Department of Energy appears to have less confidence in the lab leak rumors.

Unlike the FBI and the Department of Energy, the National Intelligence Service (NIC) and four intelligence agencies weigh in on the theory of the natural origin of the virus, while two intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), have yet to come to a conclusion.

 Regarding the WSJ report, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan appeared on CNN that day and said, “There is no final answer from the intelligence authorities.” “The intelligence authorities have different views. Some concluded on one side, and some on the other side.”

 “Many say they don’t have enough information to be sure,” Sullivan said. “All I can say is that the president has repeatedly instructed all of our intelligence agencies to commit their efforts and resources to find the truth on this matter.” mentioned

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