Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza was arrested after the FIR was registered

The registered FIRs include inciting people against scholars and inciting sectarianism.


Lahore: Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has been arrested after filing an FIR. According to the details of the registered FIR, incitement of people against Ulama and incitement of communalism have been included. After the nomination in the FIR, the Punjab Police decided to take action, after which the department took action against Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza. Has been arrested.
He says that he has appealed mostly to the youth who are fed up with sectarianism in the name of Islam.

According to him, no sect is completely wrong and at the same time not completely right. In this regard, no details have yet been released by his administration and no statement has yet been released by the police authorities.

However, his arrest has been confirmed from the photos of the FIR released on social media, after which the public’s reaction has also been seennjab Police has decided to take action after being nominated in the FR, after which the arrest of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has been carried out based on his speeches. The registered FIR includes inciting people against the clerics and inciting sectarianism, however, no statement has come out from their administration in this regard.

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