I Am Nervous About The Success Of The Film, Actor Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan is currently at his peak and is giving back-to-back films. LAHORE: Well-known actor in the Pakistan entertainment industry Fawad Khan says that he is nervous about the success of any of his films before their release and feels the pressure of many things.


I Am Nervous About The Success Of The Film, Actor Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan is an outstanding Pakistani television and film industry actor and has also been a very successful musician, the actor is currently at the peak of his career and is giving back-to-back films, his super hit film ‘The Legend of Moolah’. Jatt’ has done big business, his film ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is about to be released while another film ‘Nilufar’ is also likely to be released.

The actor is currently busy promoting his upcoming feature film ‘Money Back Guarantee which will release worldwide on Eid-ul-Fitr.


He added that you take the pressure off everything because your career and your future plans depend on the current project and if you don’t deliver, there will be a breaking point and someone, somewhere will say it’s time. is over or more such talks will be made.


Fawad recently talked about his upcoming film during a private interview and said that the film ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is a great entertainment package for fans. Before the release of the film, I feel nervous about its success and I feel pressured into many things like Am I good enough am I doing a good job.

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