New rules announced for food delivery riders in UAE.

New rules announced for food delivery riders in UAE,Abu Dhabi Police imposed 8 conditions to ensure the safety of the driver.


Abu Dhabi:

New rules announced for food delivery riders in UAE

New conditions have been imposed on food delivery riders in the United Arab Emirates. According to Gulf newspaper Emirates Al-Youm, Abu Dhabi Police has instructed delivery drivers to adhere to a set of delivery box requirements for their own safety, which specify 8 requirements that must be met in a delivery box. The conditions in this regard are as follows;

* The outer dimensions of the box i.e. width, length and height should be 50 cm

* The edges of the box should be covered with phosphorescent reflectors

* It should not have any edges with sharp corners

* The delivery box should have an identification visible from a distance of 20 meters

* The opening of the box should be on the front side

* It should be made of fiberglass

* The delivery box should be mounted on the seat or back of the bike

* The delivery box should also include the chassis base number printed on it, which is the same as the bike’s base ownership number.

The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols has said that these requirements are aimed at making delivery bike drivers aware of traffic safety rules, avoiding traffic accidents, their causes, effects and consequential damages and safety for this category of road. have emerged as a continuation of efforts to increase

He urged the group to continue its efforts to introduce the basics of traffic safety and introduce traffic regulations and rules that should be followed on the road, following the safety requirements for riding a motorcycle. Traffic accidents should be avoided.

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