Gaming PC HP, First Top 3 Advance.

HP Korea made rapid progress in the domestic gaming PC market, shook the three -level system under Asus, Lenovo and MSI. Since competition intensifies between slow demand, changes in domestic gaming PC market structures are expected.

According to data from the ‘2022 Domestic Gaming PC Shipment’ obtained by the electronic newspaper, the number of gaming sent last year was about 460,000 units (excluding the pre -finished PC). Domestic gaming PC market increased from 370,000 units in 2019 to 500,000 units in 2020 and 520,000 units in 2021.

Gaming PCHP First Top 3 Advance

Through the company, Osos Korea sent about 80 80,000 1011 units last year, which recorded a market share of 17.6 %, which is ranked first in the market share since last year.

HP’s progress was noteworthy. HP Korea recorded a market share of 14.2 % with 65.662 units, which broke the three -power system of Asos Korea, Lenovo Korea, and MSI, which had been maintained for the past several years, in second place Lay. Lenovo Korea, who was second in 2021, sent about 53 53,137 units with 11.5 % shares, and was taken to third position. MSI and LG Electronics finished fourth and 5th with a market share of 5.2 % and 4.8 %, respectively.

This is the first time that HP Korea has entered the Gaming PC market in Top 3. For the first time in the first quarter of last year, HP Korea won the domestic gaming PC market for the first time with 17.7 percent market share. HP Korea showed stagnation in the second quarter, but took first position in the third and fourth quarters, meeting with Asos Korea. By 2020, it increased its market share, which remained in the range 3 %, approximately 5 times, 5th and 6th places in second position in two years.

Gaming PCHP First Top 3 Advance 4

It is analyzed that the marketing strategy for the HP Korean gaming market was affected. In 2021, HP chose five countries around the world to guide large -scale gaming investments. Korea is included here. In response, HP’s premium gaming brand ‘Oman’ led the route and officially patronized the Popular Game League ‘League of Legends (LOL) Champions Korea (LCK)’. It carried out aggressive marketing activities, such as entering the partnership with T -1, a professional gaming team, where a representative LOL Pro Gamer, Ficker Lee Tsang Hook. The issue of HP Korea marketing for the Korean gaming market is considered an excellent issue at the HP headquarters level, and marketing activities will be developed in Southeast Asian countries.

Last year, the gaming PCS was slowed down, but it is expected to increase in the future. Last year, market researcher IDC predicted that the global gaming PC market would maintain an average annual growth rate by 2025 and reach 52.3 million units. Samsung electronics and LG electronics, which compete for the first and second position in the domestic laptop market. For the past year, the gaming line -up like Odyssey and Ultra Gear has also intensified their market in the market.

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