In which city is the slowest car running?

Looking at petrol and diesel prices, the cost of charging electric vehicles and the fuel wasted in traffic jams, London was the second most expensive city in the world to drive in last year, behind Hong Kong. Comes.

London is the world’s slowest city to drive in, a new study has revealed.

the government body that manages Nandan’s roads, has been contacted for comment.¬†Andy Merchant said traffic jams had increased as people traveled more by road during the rail strike.

India’s Bangalore was second with a time of 29 minutes and 10 seconds, followed by Ireland’s capital Dublin in 28 minutes 30 seconds and Japan’s Sapporo in 27 minutes 40 seconds.

“Central London has one of the longest journey times in the world, even without traffic, because of the layout of the roads,” said Andy Merchant.

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