Mickey Arthur said that Babar Azam was confident of becoming the world’s number one batsman:

Language has never been a problem in communication with cricketers: National team director.

Mickey Arthur said that Babar Azam was confident of becoming the world's number one batsman

Lahore: The new director of the national cricket team, Mickey Arthur, says that when he saw Babar Azam playing strokes for the first time, he was sure that he would become the world’s number-one batsman. He seemed worthy of recognition as the number one batsman, most importantly, Babar always strives and strives to improve.

  Talking to the press conference, Mickey Arthur said that behind the thought of giving him continuous opportunities, he believed that he can play a role as the most important cricketer for Pakistan.


Many more Pakistani cricketers remained in touch even after I quit coaching, that’s why I say that my relationship with this country has never been broken. To a question, Mickey Arthur said that there was never any problem in communication with Pakistani cricketers because of language, cricket has its own international language. We are also able to explain some things in Urdu and even in Pashto, while in some cases gestures are enough to convey our point.

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