MS Applies ChatGPT to Windows.

Microsoft (MS) installed ‘Bing’, a search service that applied ChatGPT technology to the Windows operating system (OS). If you are a Windows OS user, you can experience ChatGPT technology only with the latest update. It is expected that Microsoft’s move in the AI ​​market will accelerate as it grafts artificial intelligence (AI) Bing to the Windows OS installed in more than one billion devices around the world.

MS Applies ChatGPT to Windows...AI Expansion Drive
MS Applies ChatGPT to Windows…AI Expansion Drive

On February 28 Microsoft announced that it would provide a new Bing experience powered by AI through Windows 11 update.

Before this, MS announced Bing, a search engine that applied ChatGPT technology to its search engine in early February. The new Bing introduced the ‘GPT 3.5’ version of ChatGPT’s language model. While ChatGPT provides answers based on historical data until 2021, Bing’s strength is that it can respond even to news from an hour ago.

MS has combined the AI-based search engine Bing with the Windows 11 taskbar search box (toolbar).

The search box is a widely used feature in Windows, with more than 500 million users each month. Microsoft explained that Windows users can now get the information they want faster than before through AI-powered Bing in the search box.

Microsoft’s AI expansion is accelerating as it expands ChatGPT-applied services to Windows.


In addition to search (Bing) and OS (Windows), MS has several profitable businesses such as △Cloud (Azure) △and Office △Linkedin, so the additional application of ChatGPT is expected. As the application of ChatGPT increases, profits can also increase through synergy with existing services.

The cloud business is also directly affected by ChatGPT. Open AI, which provides ChatGPT service, introduced MS Azure as a large data analysis infrastructure cloud. As the number of ChatGPT customers increases, MS cloud users and profits also increase.

An industry insider said, “Recently, the speed at which MS announces new services that incorporate ChatGPT technology is far ahead of Google and its competitors.” forecasted

Mirae Asset Securities analyzed in its ChatGPT analysis report that “MS Cloud is the most direct source of revenue as a computing resource that drives AI.”

Mirae Asset Securities said, “If advanced AI functions are added to Office, it is possible to create a special AI premium rate plan or seek an overall price increase.” can,” he predicted.

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