New interesting rules introduced in the ninth season of IPL.

MUMBAI: 5 new rules are being introduced in the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The league will start with a match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. A total of 10 teams will compete against each other in the event.


New interesting rules introduced in the ninth season of IPL.

The tournament will continue for 2 months. Five new rules are being introduced in the league, the first of which is the impact player rule, which will allow teams to add a player before the 14th over during the game, A substitute player can bat, bowl, and field but cannot lead the team as a captain.

During the toss, the captain will name his impact players to the umpire, who he may select in the match.

The second law is that earlier both the teams had to announce the team before the toss because the sheets were sent to the match referee, but now a team can announce its playing eleven even after the toss. The third law is that I DRS will also be available for wides and no-balls in the PL 2023 season, allowing players to review wide-ball and no-ball calls by field umpires.

The fourth law is that any ball that is in the fair moment or (unfair movement) before it is bowled will be declared a dead ball and the opposing team will also get 5 extra runs. The fifth law is that slow overrate. But in case of a penalty, the team will have to complete 20 overs during 90 minutes. In case of delay, one more player will field in 30 yards circle instead of a boundary line.

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