Saudi Arabia’s King Shah Salman Invites The Iranian President To visit.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has welcomed Riyadh’s invitation to visit

RIYADH: Saudi King Salman has invited Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to visit the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia's King Shah Salman invites the Iranian president to visit
Saudi Arabia’s King Shah Salman invites the Iranian president to visit

According to the German news agency ‘DW’, Tehran’s presidential office has confirmed the receipt of the relevant letter from the Saudi king. Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi welcomed Riyadh’s invitation to visit. However, the Riyadh government initially did not comment on the issue.

Let us tell you that after years of cutting off diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabia and Iran have recently started to come closer to each other and both have agreed to restore diplomatic relations. played a role, under this deal the two countries agreed to reopen their embassies and restore economic relations, the bilateral agreement on the restoration of relations between these two countries at the international level has received a largely positive response, Iran And Saudi Arabia is expected to reopen its diplomatic missions within two months and implement security and economic cooperation agreements signed 20 years ago.


Pakistan also welcomed the restoration of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, calling it an important diplomatic development. The development will contribute to peace and stability in the region and beyond. We appreciate China’s far-sighted leadership in coordinating this historic agreement, which is a manifestation of constructive and meaningful dialogue. will continue to play a constructive role in the Middle East and the region with continued support for efforts to eliminate.

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