The announcement of the flights of Saudi Arabia’s new airline ‘Newm Airline’.

The airline, named Neom Shahr, will be unique in every way, offering passengers a completely different travel experience.

The announcement of the flights of Saudi Arabia's new airline 'Newm Airline'
The announcement of the flights of Saudi Arabia’s new airline ‘Newm Airlines’


Neom; Saudi Arabia has announced the flights of the new airline ‘Newm Airline’. According to Arab News, the CEO of Neom Airlines said that the airline built in the name of Neom in Saudi Arabia will start flights by the end of 2024. This airline will be unique in all respects, the new service will be futuristic and efficient. , in which passengers traveling will have a completely different travel experience, better than anything else, with in-flight meals sourced locally and on-demand at a time. Delivered by dining when you really want to eat.

“Imagine your bags are collected from your home or office and delivered to the hotel or accommodation you are going to. Biometrics is so advanced and fast that as soon as you enter a building goes, can recognize you through facial recognition and are cleared for travel by security without the need to go through a gate, and if the appointment has changed by a few hours, nom. Through the airline, you can change your flight without any hassle or paying extra.

The CEO of Neom Airlines added that after 2026 there will be new innovative aircraft, they may be electric, hydrogen-powered, or supersonic aircraft. are in talks because the airline wants to have some sustainable fuel onboard for every flight, starting with the mixing facilities at Neom.

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