The most romantic city in the world, Tik Tok named Doha.

Popular social media app Tik Tok named Doha as the most romantic city in the world, with videos under the hashtags Doha and DohaLove on the social media platform garnering over 7 billion views. According to Doha News, Paris has long reigned as the world’s most romantic city according to Hollywood movies, books and stories, but now the French city has a competitor, mega cruises during the busy 2022-2023 season. Ships and cruise liners make their first visit to Doha Port as Qatar’s tourism industry gets an extra boost.

A website listed the 23 most popular romantic destinations according to the number of TikTok views on their respective hashtags and using Forbes’ seed list, with Doha ranking first as the most popular romantic destination on TikTok. came in at number as the city garnered 7 billion views under the hashtags Doha# and DohaLove#.

It has been reported that Doha and Qatar in general received a lot of media attention for hosting the World Cup last year, with a growing tourism sector, extensive shopping opportunities, numerous museums and now a TikTok to go with it. With the title, the Gulf state has clearly made its mark globally.

Meanwhile, the Australian city of Perth came in second with a total of 6.8 billion viewers on the Perth# and LoveInPerth# hashtags, the “city of lights” in Western Australia known for its stunning Swan River with endless romantic views for couples. While hashtags LoveQueenstown# and QueenstownNewZealand# came third with 600 million views on TikTok, it also gives couples the chance to indulge in activities like jumping and skiing, keeping it adventurous. Makes an ideal destination for couples.

It found that the Norwegian island of Svalbard received more than 520 million views with the hashtags Svalbard# and LoveInNorway#, ranking fourth, Svalbard is one of the most northerly inhabited areas in the world and one A remote travel destination, mountain views can be seen for miles in all directions. In addition, the Moroccan city of Morocco with the hashtags Marrakesh# and MarrakechLovers# received a total of over 439 million views on TikTok, among the top five. Goa, the fourth largest city in the kingdom, couples can enjoy 5-star accommodation and visit the city’s many spas

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