The Orange Wars have begun in Itly.

According to the legend, the Orange Wars, representing the rebellion against the cruel duke of the city, started in Ivrea, Italy. In the ‘war’ in which 700 tons of oranges were used, hundreds of people threw oranges at each other.

The Orange Wars have begun Itly.
The Orange Wars have begun in Italy.

The city of Ivrea in the north of ITALY hosted the orange carnival, which has been held for centuries, this year. The Orange Wars as part of the annual carnival in Ivrea, a small city near Turin, witnessed colorful scenes this year as well. Before the carnival started, tons of oranges were brought to the city square. Hundreds of people gathered in the square and had fun times by throwing tons of oranges at each other. For the festival, which will end tomorrow, approximately 500 tons of oranges were sent from Sicily.


The Orange Wars has begun


According to a legend, 700 tons of oranges are used for the Orange Wars, which represent the rebellion against the cruel duke of the city. 9 chariots and armored teams fight against the pedestrian team, who do not use any protection, in the city square and streets.

Visitors who come to watch the event alongside around 7,000 fighters wear red hats and declare themselves out of combat. Thus, they try not to be affected by the thrown oranges.

The festival makes the quiet city of Ivrea a center of attraction every year, but orange wastage and injuries are the subjects of discussion every year.

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