Why has Imran Khan been removed immediately Justice Retired Nasira Javed Iqbal

Let me tell you what crime Imran Khan committed that America had to immediately remove him from his post and what kind of losses he could have suffered if America had not done so.

To understand this, let’s cover the first two concepts.

Why has Imran Khan been removed immediately  Justice Retired Nasira Javed Iqbal
Why has Imran Khan been removed immediately
Justice Retired Nasira Javed Iqbal

1) What is Petro Dollar? This is an agreement between King Faisal and President Nixon in 1974.

Under this agreement, Saudi Arabia’s obligation was to convince all OPEC countries to sell oil in US dollars and not accept any other currency or gold. All proceeds from the sale will be deposited in US banks or the Federal Reserve which increases the demand for USD as any country must first buy USD to buy oil and this arrangement keeps the USD strong.


In return, the Saudi currency was fixed at one dollar = 3.75 Rials, whatever the state of the Saudi economy, the rate of the US dollar and the Rial will remain the same, and this is the reason why today, after 48 years, one dollar is equal to three seventy-five Rials. . Second, America guaranteed that Al Saud would remain in power, there would be no change in government.

The responsibility of the United States was to ensure that none of the OPEC countries withdrew from the agreement under any circumstances. Iraq and Libya revolted and we all know what happened to them.

2) In 1953 India and the Soviet Union (Russia) signed the Indian Rupee-Ruble Trade Agreement.

Under which they will pay in Indian rupees for Indian purchases from Russia. This will continue to increase demand for the Indian rupee and keep the currency strong –

The second will pay in Russian rubles for Russian purchases from India. This increases the demand for the ruble and keeps the currency strong.

An Indian bank would open a branch in Russia and a Russian bank would open a branch in India to facilitate trade – it is important to understand that this agreement was reached in 1953 which preceded the petrodollar agreement in 1974.

Imran Khan was the first Pakistani Prime Minister who signed an agreement with China for transactions in Pakistani rupees and Chinese yuan in 2019. The deal covered semiconductors, transformers, broadcasting equipment and electronics equipment. Although the US was not happy about it, it kept quiet because it did not involve an oil transaction. 

Imran Khan was very close to signing a Pakistani rupee and Russian ruble deal for oil in 2022.

Remember the petrodollar agreement dates back to 1974. And America could never accept this deal of Pakistan because if other countries follow it, USD will weaken and US economy will decline and it will not be super power anymore.

If Imran Khan had succeeded in doing this, Pakistan would have come out of American slavery even at the cost of losing the next election, that’s why America had to remove him immediately. America had no other choice.

Imran Khan should thank Allah that he has not yet reached Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi whose best efforts are ongoing.

*If Imran Khan is re-elected as the Prime Minister and in his second term he succeeds in concluding an agreement, then this continuous depreciation of the rupee will stop.

  Pakistan will start paying the IMF and the exchange rate will be restored and Pakistan will throw off the slavery of the IMF and the World Bank in two to three years. 

Think for yourself and your future generations keeping in mind the patriotism beyond the political affiliation.

If the current government does all this, the country can be prosperous.

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